Reaching Refugees

The first outreach program involves reaching out to refugees coming from troubled Middle Eastern countries particularly Iraq, Syria and others- with a special visitation program, addressing their needs with special pastoral care.

Pastoral Care

The second program is the visitation and pastoral care/prayer meetings that occur every Wednesday at the house of newcomers or members that need encouragement. Every Wednesday night at 8pm, servant leaders in the church go together to visit a particular family that is either in need of prayer and encouragement during a difficult time or to visit newcomers to the church. This is an ongoing ministry that has been very successful in terms of outreach.

Young Professionals

The third program is the young professional Arabic speaking adult ministry. This ministry involves reaching out to a large number of young professional adults (20-40 years) who either attend ACH or are interested in developing their spiritual life. This ministry involves a gathering at a house one Saturday every month for devotions, games, food and fellowship. This ministry was started by Pastor Kabar and has proven to be very needed and successful.

Special Events

The fourth program is a special outreach ministry associated with events like revival meetings where the church would host guest speakers, an annual retreat, special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas where the church holds special meetings with an outreach effort to invite new people from the community to these special events.

Arabian Nights

The fifth program is called Arabian Nights. Twice a year, one evening is dedicated to highlighting a Middle Eastern country. There would be a review of the country, its population, its history (particularly as it appears in the Bible), a spiritual message followed by a food reception where the food reflects the food of the country that is being highlighted. In addition, people who are present during that night will put on the costume of that particular country.

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