What binds us together is the love of Christ.


Do you have to forget about science in order to believe? Do you find yourself out of words when you try to defend your faith? Come and listen to a very powerful message that will strengthen your beliefs and convince the hardest skeptics! Bring family and friends... Read more

Arabic Services

Arabic Services

At Arabic Church of Houston, our main Arabic service in on Sunday at 12 noon. Live translation in English through headsets is available at that time. Friday nights at 8 pm, a Bible Study is held in Arabic with translation as... Read more

English Services

English Services

Worship services led in English by our own young adults start at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Once a month, the first Sunday of each month, we partake in communion at 11:30 both services together. Bible Study home groups meet at... Read more


Vacation Bible School

We will have games, Bible Stories, snacks and fun songs and skits!

 July 10 - 13
9 am until 12 noon



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Agape Collective

Agape Collective

Text about Agape Collective here. Compellingly architect and a manufactured products rather than global synergy. Quickly extend performance-based internal or "organic" sources via integrated information. Progressively envisioned plug-and-play outsourcing before dynamic architectures. Synthesizes timely internal or "organic" sources with customer directed e-markets. Dynamically leverage existing enabled materials whereas goal-oriented content.

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English Service
10:30 AM
Agape Collective

Women’s Bible Study
11:00 AM
Arabic Bible Study
8:00 PM
Young Arab Adults prayer meeting
6:30 pm
Communion Service
11:30 AM
The first Sunday of each month

 Home Prayer Meeting
8:00 PM
English Home Groups
7:30 PM 
Young Arab Adults
7:00 PM
Arabic Service
12:00 Noon
English translation headsets

The Arabic Church of Houston

"In the essentials unity, in the non-essentials liberty and in all things charity & love"