The Agape Church of Houston -  English service at 10:30am

The Arabic Church of Houston - Arabic Service at 12:00 Noon

(English translation through headsets).

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Welcome from Our Pastor

ترحيب من راعي الكنيسة

Welcome to the Arabic Church of Houston where Christ is Lord!

The church is not an organization or a building or just a group of people who come to worship; it is the family of God through Christ where people, from every ethnic and sectarian background, have been born again into the family of God more

Student Ministry

Student Ministry

اجتماع الثانوي والجامعي

Our Student ministry is a "Purpose Driven" ministry and believes a Great Commitment to the Great Commission will grow a great group!

We have a dynamic youth ministry that meets Fridays at 8pm and Sundays at 11:30 in English.

خدمة الطلاب هي خدمة متجهه بهدف، مؤمنين بأن ألتزامنا الكبير نحو المأمورية العظمى سينتج مجموعة عظيمة.

اجتماع الشبيبة يوم الجمعة الساعة 8:00 مساءً ويوم الأحد الساعة 11:30 صباحاً.  

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Prayer Request

طلبات الصلاة

Whether the need is great or small, our Prayer Team has faith to believe that God hears his children and is able to answer.

إذا كانت الحاجات كبيرة أو صغيرة، نؤمن أن الله يسمع لأولاده وعلى استعداد للاستجابة

                  "طلبة البار تقتدر كثيراً في فعلها"

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